Compriva Private Email & Messages


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  • Keep content private!
  • Avoid scams, fraud
  • Keep your email address
  • PC, tablet and mobile
  • Free and Pro versions

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Compriva Private Email Installation

How do I install Compriva Private Email?

Enjoy our free trial, or purchase a subscription to Compriva Private Email.  After you have registered and, for a subscription purchase, completed the secure payment process, our server will walk you through the installation.  Just follow the online instructions carefully.

If you are using more than one email address in your default email client (Outlook or Outlook Express), please make sure that the address you wish to use for Compriva Private Email is set as your default email address before installing Compriva Private Email.

After successful installation, please refer to Using Compriva Private Email for complete product usage instructions.

Authenticated, Encrypted, Private Email