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Compriva Private Email -- Easy for Everyone!

If you are a computer professional or a power user using Outlook, Windows Mail or Outlook Express, you may have already figured out how to install and use digital certificates to protect your email.

But what about the people with whom you want to exchange authenticated, encrypted email?* Do they have the technical knowledge and skill to easily use email authentication and encryption… or will you need to spend your valuable time helping them? Compriva Private Email is designed so that anyone -- regardless of technical skill level -- can install and start using it in minutes.

Compriva Private Email dramatically reduces the technical burden of initiating and supporting email authentication and encryption with any desired correspondent.  As well, Compriva Private Email includes web services to find or invite other users, to send and receive free encrypted ComprivaNotes™ and both online help and email support to help you and your correspondents deal with problems.

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* authentication and encryption to PKI industry standards