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  • Private, secure email
  • Encrypted attachments
  • Free private notes!
  • Avoid scams, fraud
  • Protect confidential info
  • Keep your email address
  • $29.95/yr - free to try!

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Free private, secure email messages from any contact's browser*

Compriva Private Email subscribers can receive encrypted ComprivaNotes from any contact* (including those who have not yet installed Compriva Private Email). The sender requires only a browser.

ComprivaNotes are great for quickly and securely receiving sensitive content (e.g. financial, health, legal or other personal information) from trusted contacts. Here's how they work:

Receiving a ComprivaNote

After installing Compriva Private Email, use our Send ComprivaLink™ feature when you want to receive sensitive information from any contact. Your contact gets an email linking him/her to a unique pre-addressed secure Web form. Sending you an encrypted ComprivaNote requires only a browser (PC, Mac or smartphone) with no log in, registration or installation… and, it's free!

Sending a ComprivaNote

Just click on a ComprivaLink, compose and send! Any Compriva Private Email subscriber can send you a ComprivaLink which you can bookmark and reuse anytime from any device. Alternatively (if both you and your contact are Compriva Private Email subscribers), you can use the Find a Friend feature to lookup your contact and compose a secure ComprivaNote to him/her.

* US Patent No.8,549,280