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  • Keep content private!
  • Avoid scams, fraud
  • Keep your email address
  • Retain your private key!
  • PC, tablet and mobile
  • Free and Pro versions

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Compriva Private Email

Compriva Private Email works with your existing email software (Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail and other popular email client programs), applying industry-standard authentication and encryption to make email and attachments shared with a trusted correspondent completely secure and private. It's fast, strong, convenient and easy for everyone!

When you subscribe to and install Compriva Private Email:

Your Compriva Private Email subscription is for unrestricted use (it may be used for any lawful personal and/or business purpose) within its expiry period.

* non-Microsoft email client programs require manual configuration – instructions available in Compriva Support

** US Patent No. 8,549,280