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Compriva Private Email & Messages

Fast, strong, easy-to-use protection for sensitive personal and business email…

Not all communication needs to be private and secure, and most is not. We are often reminded that phone and Internet-based communication (email/instant messaging/text/social networking etc.) are vulnerable to both accidental and deliberate privacy and security breaches. Most of the time we accept that risk, but sometimes we cannot. If we choose not to, how can we avoid it?

Compriva Private Email offers fast, strong, convenient protection for sensitive personal and business email. Within minutes subscribers are automatically set up to send encrypted email and receive encrypted messages from any trusted contact (including non-subscribers!)*.

Compriva Private Email works with Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail and other popular email clients, uses existing email addresses, and is easily recognized and separated from junk mail.

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* U.S. Patent No.8,549,280